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Cutting Edge K9 Training

In kennel training:

Your dog will receive multiple training sessions throughout the day.The stay is a minimum 2 weeks, you have a private lesson with your dog's primary trainer at the end of your dog stay so they can teach you how to effectively communicate and be consistent with your dog at home.

$375.00 per week owner supply food and treats.

Day training:

Drop your dog off in the morning he will receive training sessions throughout the day then pick your tired pup up in the evening. Great for owners who want consistency of daily training but want to have their dog home every night. You will have one private lesson with your trainer at the end of each week so they can show you what your dog has learned and so you can continue to be consistent at home.

$250.00 week owner supply treats.

Group obedience classes: COMING SOON

Every Saturday you come with your pup to enjoy training with us as a group setting. there 3 levels of classes and it starts with a free evaluation. your pup progressed through the levels at your own pace with 4 months of attendance. can't make it to class 1 week? - no problem the class is designed to allow you to miss the occasion Saturday and not fall behind.

$300.00 for 4 months

Private lessons/competition training:

Are private lessons give you one-on-one attention with the trainer you can work on basic or Advanced obedience and also competition training in AKC or IPO or PSA.

1 hour private lesson $70.00 or 5 lessons for $325.00

In home lessons:

Have your trainer do the traveling so you don't have to your trainer will work with you and your dog and everyday life scenarios.

1 hour session $120.00 or 5 sessions $525.00

Bitework/Personal protection:

We offer several different types of programs bite development, targeting, and real life scenarios.....

Call for pricing

We also offer Behavior modifications desensitization crate training,

Call for pricing

Agility Training Coming Soon Check Back With Us.

Cutting Edge K9 Training Phone: 1-317-864-7789

Cutting Edge K9 Training

Professional Dog Training

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